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October 16, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Embroidered ticket stub

this guy makes really cool stuff

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(by Felipe-García)

Fables of Fiction: a magical tale from a psychotic male

walking through the forest to the creek

what exactly do you seek?

eat my bread if your weak

light a fire, as embers burn

give a lesson I will learn

teach about your heartache yearn 

everyone, goes through hell

only few, live to tell

did our best, yet still fell

soon well rise, you will see

when apart, our hearts bleed

were together all we need

          ~cody shay~

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50 Most Cringeworthy Movie Performances

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As for those who would defend Kevin on the grounds of Ramsay’s visual sense, I would argue that the tricks she pulls out here—a grab-bag of shallow-focus close ups and distorted audio effects—less evoke Eva’s splintering mental state than art-house banality. And then there’s the color palette: did you know that red is a color usually associated with violence and rage? No? Well, We Need to Talk About Kevin will give you a crash course: red dresses; red furniture; blinking red numbers on an alarm clock; crushed red tomatoes being thrown on Eva in a film-opening dream sequence; rows and rows of tomato soup cans. (Look away, Warhol.) Its visual excesses surround the viewer while offering no real formal rewards or emotional insights. There’s no room to breathe within Ramsay’s universe. Hers is an aesthetic of asphyxiation.

- Matt Connoly on We Need to Talk About Kevin

cute/cool soooo cuticle?